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#1 2016-11-23 20:41:14

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Vimalin for Fusion beta 2 now available

A new beta of Vimalin is now available.

It can be downloaded from:

Please beware that this is a beta. There is no need to uninstall beta 1, you can install beta 2 on top of beta 1.

While the application has been tested internally and works well for backing up your VMs and restoring them, you might occasionally see unexpected things.

A lot of the open issues that have been reported have been addressed in beta 2 (see below)

For any new issues reported there is a new topic "known issues beta 2" ( ) which will be updated with what has been found.

Here's a list of changes since beta 1 (in no particular order)

- expiration date has been changed to 15 December
- mtmfs file system type is now also recognized
- having encrypted VMs would throw an error on start when Vimalin enumerates all currently registered VMs. This is no longer a problem.
- encrypted VMs could not be backed up, this now works
- installation/removal of Vimalin has been completely revised, we now use an installer. By using an installer a standard user without administrative privileges can now also install Vimalin. See … tallation/ for details.
- All binaries are now properly signed using certificates. As a result macOS gatekeeper no longer complains about trying to install from an unidentified developer.
- Added high DPI alternative images for the toolbar.
- The Backup Targets selection screen has been revised a bit to make it more clear what it represents and how it works.
- The database has been updated to improve user functionality.
- The delete and restore operations now show progress as was intended.



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