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#1 2019-10-13 07:23:32

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Win10 Work Station PRO 15 Not work backup

Hi Dear, im have
Win 10 pro last version
VmWare WorkStation PRO 15 - 15.0.3 build-12422535
15.0.3 build-12422535
User name/password = my Windows user name.
Autosafe (auto snap shot) in Virtual PC = off

When I backup data, I get an error. - Field it already has a backup snapshot.

im not see your mail to sent, not possible add link to support bundle

Please Dear help my. I get buy your product as soon as I get the creation backup.

Many Thenks!!!!


#2 2019-10-13 09:29:06

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Re: Win10 Work Station PRO 15 Not work backup


For support, the email address to use is

For the record, AFAIK the error 'Failed it already has a backup snapshot' only happens if a previous backup got interrupted.
You can fix that by going into VMware Workstation Pro, select your VM, right click, select Snapshot -> Snapshot Manager from the popup menu.
In the Snapshot Manager there's a snapshot called 'Vimalin temporary snapshot', select it, click the Delete Button.
Once that temporary snapshot is deleted, the backup process should work again.

I still like to see the support bundle though, just in case that something happened that is under Vimalin's control.


#3 2020-01-30 15:06:11

Registered: 2019-10-13
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Re: Win10 Work Station PRO 15 Not work backup

Hello your recommendations helped me. But the problem remains open. After removing the snapshot, stable work lasts only 2 days, on day 3 I need to delete the snap shot again. I sent the data to your mail, I hope you can help me.


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